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Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Thane, Maharashtra

Who We Are

We are an alcohol Rehabilitation centre located in Thane, Kalyan, Mulund, Maharashtra. Being a drug rehab treatment and addiction treatment, the aim is to help people recover from their addictions who are suffering from various types of addictions like alcohol addiction, drug, gambling addiction and other such and looking for the new way of life by throwing this addiction out of their lives. With us, people are offered a new lease of life. We are among the best rehabilitation centres which offers various programmes and trainings to the addicted people to get them treated from alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.

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Alcohol De-Addiction

We provide excellent holistic support in getting rid of alcohol addiction and live a healthy life

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Drug Rehab Center in Thane

If you or your loved ones are struck in the drug addiction case, we are here to help you in getting rid of this misery

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Addiction Treatment

Our addiction treatment team is highly skilled and professional in dealing with various addictions and provide a holistic approach in deaddiction process


How Rehab Helps

Our thane rehab centre believes that if you and your loved ones have a strong determination in getting of something, either it is drug, alcohol or something else, you are on the way to a healthy life. With our adequate support and skilled professionals who have a strong determination just like you and your loved ones, we can help you in recovering from the addictions of all kinds. Our team works very closely with every patient and motivate the patients and support them to walk on the course of an addiction free life. We have a well tried and tested and successful de addiction plan to help addicted people in getting rid of addiction issues and lead a soulful life afterwards. We are among the top Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation centres in India located at Thane, Kalyan, Mulund, Maharashtra Our approach involves the timely and holistic interventions where the patients are incorporated with the medication along with the various alternative healing methods. We have a well-tested programme to help patients bringing in themselves a self-belief and strong determination in case they are lacking for these. Our bespoke plans are designed keeping in mind that every patient may require different treatments and as a result, the bespoke plans for the addiction treatment can be a better option for the patients in need of the rehab. Our bespoke treatment plans are being designed by our skilled member including various physicians, counselors and psychologists, which includes various action plans over the various course of the journey of every individual seeking rehab services.

Outpatients Care Options

The psychiatrists and psychologists at AHC assess the medical history of the patients and all background checks to properly analyze the exact requirements of the patients which may help the patients towards achieving better results in the process of the de-addiction. With the proper analysis and reassessment at regular intervals, we devise well formulated action plans.

Luxury Facilities

Our luxury facilities at Rehab centre allows you to live in the premier residential option and focus entirely on your rehab. With various classy options while at the rehab, the patients and their loved ones aren’t to worry about the lifestyle at AHC. We got everything covered, which is required to live a classic luxury life while at Rehab process.
What We Offer

Other Services That We Offer

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Day Trading Addiction

We help people in getting rid of day trading addiction like share market trading, crypto trading, forex, and more such

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Gambling Addiction

Get rid of your uncontrollable desire to keep gambling despite anything happens in your life around

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Depression Treatment

We help you in getting rid of your dark and lonely phase of life by showing a ray of hope in the journey of life


Our Process Punch Line

Place your faith in us to get rid of various addictions and live a life full of compassion. We have cured numerous patients and have shown faith in what we do.

  • We are being loved by numerous patients who have been shown the right path on their life.
  • We have the best conditions, best team of members which includes various experienced and passionate psychiatrists, counselors and psychologists, staff members and more.
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